My friend needs help

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Self harm

How to help a friend who self-harms
Understanding self-harm for families


Supporting someone who may be suicidal
Supporting someone to get help
Supporting someone after a suicide attempt

Trauma (including sexual assault)

Supporting a young person after exposure to a traumatic event
Trauma – helping family or friends


6 ways to help a friend with depression or anxiety
Depression in adolescents and young people
Depression factsheet

Eating disorders and body image

How to help a friend with an eating disorder
Understanding disordered eating and eating disorders – for family and friends
Body image tips for parents
Modelling healthy body image


Understanding anxiety – for friends & family
6 ways to help a friend with depression or anxiety
How to help a friend who has panic attacks

Addiction – smoking, drugs and alcohol

How to help a friend with drug addiction

Addiction – gaming

When online gaming takes over your life
Video game addiction – treatment, symptoms, and causes




Bullying. No way!
Support and advice for families
Be an upstander
About bullying


Understanding sex and sexual health
Understanding sexual consent
What is sexting & the effects on mental health?

Cultural identity

Conflict between family and culture

Sexuality and gender

LGBTQIA+ support services
7 ways to support a friend who’s questioning their sexuality
What is an LGBTQIA+ ally, and how can I be a good one?

Relationship breakups

Dealing with relationship breakups


When someone is angry all the time

Grief and loss

Understanding grief and loss – for family and friends

Parents – What’s the issue?

Quiz: What’s the issue?