Did you know that social connectedness is absolutely critical to our resilience and overall wellbeing? Surrounding ourselves with people who not only offer a perspective and emotional support, but also reflect back our values and strengths, can help us maintain our resolve during tough times. Life can be super-stressful, but nurturing a diverse array of relationships can make even the most challenging circumstances more bearable.

How to build social connectedness:
  • Make the effort to schedule quality time with family and friends. Clear space in your diary for a meal, a movie or a marathon (running or Netflix) with the people you love.
  • Find your tribe! Joining a community group to meet people with common interests is a fast way to make meaningful connections.
  • Try a group fitness activity.
  • Helping other is also an amazing way to boost your own wellbeing and that of others so consider maybe volunteering or helping others in someway.
  • Connecting online can be great and is the way most of us communicate now but it doesn’t take the place of physical face to face IRL connection. It’s also important to remember that as much as we want to be there for our friends in times of need, 3am is not the time to connect with them online, and we need to set up boundaries to protect them and us. If they need to talk at 3am, they probably have something to say that needs a trusted adult, not someone with an immature brain. 😉
  • Tend to your existing relationships. Maybe check in on someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. Checking in on loved ones, no matter the (physical or emotional) distance, can help keep you grounded and connected to your support network.
  • Social media has made the world much smaller, and it’s now a simple matter to keep tabs on your people. The downside is that it’s too easy to substitute a quick click for a more personal and meaningful connection. Commit to spending time with others offline and in real life.