Wellbeing at CTHS

What is student wellbeing? Student wellbeing can be broadly defined as a student’s overall development and quality of life. Wellbeing is a holistic term that encompasses all aspects of a student’s life, including their physical, social, spiritual, mental and emotional state.

Supporting the wellbeing of students at our school provides a strong foundation for academic achievement and long-term outcomes. Our entire staff support this.

As well as our ongoing commitment to provide support and guidance to our students, this space has been created for our community, including students, parents, and carers.

Our team includes: Deputy Principals, Head Teacher Wellbeing, Stage Head Teachers, Year Advisers, School Counsellors, Student Support Officer, Learning Support and Careers Advisers.

If you need support please contact your Stage Head Teacher who will help direct you to the correct person.

Students can self-refer to School Counsellors or Student Services (Ms Sharkie/Mr Hind) using the links on their year group’s Canvas page, or QR codes in the Student Services block.

Parents/carers that wish to make a Counsellor referral for their student should contact Mr Hind at: peter.hind@det.nsw.edu.au